Prof. I.A. Oke

Prof. I.A. Oke



Prof. I.A. Oke, 

Academic and Professional Qualifications Obtained with Dates:

  1. PhD in Civil Engineering (OAU, Ile-Ife) 2007
  2. M.Sc. in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering (ABU, Zaria) 2001
  • B. Eng. in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering (ABU, Zaria) 1995
  1. Corporate Member, Nigerian Society of Engineer (NSE REG. 21, 802), 2008
  2. Registered Member, Nigerian Society of Engineer (COREN REG.19,722), 2010
  3. Registered Member, Nigerian Association of Hydrological Sciences (NAHS/0248), 2015
  • West African Research And Innovation Management Association (WARIMA)
  • Development of Research Uptake in Sub- Sahara Africa (DRUSSA)


Prof. Isaiah Adesola Oke obtained B.Eng., M.Sc. (Water Resources and Environmental Engineering, ABU, Zaria) and PhD (Civil Engineering with specialization in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering, OAU). He is a corporate member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers and registered with the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria. He is a resource person for several institutions and organizations including Pamoja Inc. of Vermont, USA, University of Jos, TADICON Zaria, IBF Consultant Belgium, DFID on Water, Sanitation and Health (WASH) and OPM Ltd., United Kingdom. He joined the services of Obafemi Awolowo University in 2001 as a graduate Assistant and rose to the rank of Senior Lecturer in 2001. He has supervised several M.Sc., MPhil and PhD dissertations. He has contributed to Eight (8) books, published more than 60 articles in reputable journals and has more than 32 refereed articles in conference proceedings. Some of his recent publications are:

  1. Oke, I. A; Adie D.B; Ismail A.; Lukman, S; Igboro S.B and  Sanni, M.I. (2014) Computer Simulation In The Development And Optimization Of Carbon Resin Electrodes For Water And Wastewater Treatment  Electrochemically. Ife Journal of Science. 16,(2), 227- 239
  2. Oke, I. A; Fasuyi- Enang O; Oloyede, H.O; Obijole, O.A; Fehintola E. O and Amoko J. S. (2014). Adsorption Kinetics of Pb2+, Ni2+ And Cd2+ onto Powdered Egg Shells. Ife Journal of Science, 16(2), 273 – 290
  • Oke, I. A. and Ayodele, L. A. (2014). Statistical Evaluation of Selected Methods in Foundation Engineering. Ife Journal of Science, 16(3), 517- 526
  1. Ayodele, L. A.; Oke, I. A. and Agbede, O. A. (2014). Effect of Selected Factors on The Current Flow And Voltage Loss At Electrodes During Electrochemical Treatment Of A Laterite. Ife Journal of Science, 16(3) , 481- 494
  2. Umukoro, E. H., Oyekunle, J. A. O. , Owoyomi, O. , Ogunfowokan, A. O. and Oke, I. A. (2014). Adsorption Characteristics and Mechanisms of Plantain Peel Charcoal In Removal Of Cu (II) And Zn (II) Ions From Wastewaters. Ife Journal of Science. 16 (3), 365 – 378
  3. Olorunniwo, I; Oke, I.A; Aboyeji, O.S; Soumah, M and Olorunfemi A.O (2014). Spatial Distribution of Groundwater Utilization in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. International Journal of Ecology and Environmental Studies. 2(1), 48 -53
  • Oke, I. A. and Ayodele, L. A. (2015). Engineering and Environmental Analysis of Sludge from Electrochemical Treatment Of Selected Wastewaters. Journal of Environmental Design and Management. Journal of Environmental Design and Management. 7(1), 52- 65.
  • Oke, I. A. ; Ismail, A. ; Lukman, S. ; Adie, D.B. ; Adeosun, O. O. ; Umaru, A. B. and Nwude, M.O (2015).  Statistical Evaluation of Mathematical Methods In Solving Linear Theory Problems: Design Of Water Distribution Systems. Ife Journal of Science 17 (2), 255 – 267
  1. Oke, I. A.; Ismail, A.; Lukman, S. ; S. O. Ojo, O. O. Adeosun, and M. O. Nwude (2016). Economics and Statistical Evaluations of Using Microsoft Excel Solver in Pipe Network Analysis. J. Pipeline Syst. Eng. 7(4): 06016002-1- 9
  2. Asani, M.A and Oke, I.A: (2016) Effect of Population Growth on Water Supply and Sanitation Facilities in Nigeria. Nigerian Journal of Hydrological Sciences. 4, 107- 124.

Oke, I. A.; Lukman, S. and Ismail, A. (2017). Development and Performance Evaluation of a New Numerical Model for Groundwater Recharge Estimation. Nigeria Journal of Engineering, 23(2), 56 -65.