Dr. (Mrs.) A. L. Ayodele

Dr. (Mrs.) A. L. Ayodele

Reader and Acting head of Department

Adekemi L. Ayodele


Geotechnical and Geo-Environmental Engineering


Phone Number: +2348034074666

Email: layodele@oauife.edu.ng



Ø  Ph.D. Civil Engineering, Obafemi Awolowo University, 2014

Ø  M.Sc. Civil Engineering, Obafemi Awolowo University, 2008

Ø  B.Sc. Civil Engineering, Obafemi Awolowo University, 2000


Research and Scholarship

Dr. Ayodele conducts research on determination of geotechnical properties of soil from index properties using regression models, the use of mineral acids such as phosphoric acid for soil stabilization, effects of some salts (such as calcium chloride and sodium chloride), base (such as calcium hydroxide), mineral acid (such as phosphoric acid) on some geotechnical properties of soil and electrochemical treatment of lateritic soil.


Dr. Ayodele was a recipient of OAU-Carnegie fellowship for female members of staff in 2014. The fellowship was utilized at the Geo-Environmental Laboratory of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, Lehigh University, Pennsylvania, USA under the supervision of Prof. Sibel Pamukcu.



Dr. Ayodele teaches courses in Geotechnical Engineering at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and Foundation Engineering, Soil Stabilization and Soil Dynamics at the postgraduate level.


Selected Publications

Ayodele A.L., Agbede O.A. and Babalola O. T. (2013): The effects of Ferrous Sulphate Heptahydrate and Lead Nitrate on the Atterberg Limits and Consolidation Indices of Laterite. Ife Journal of Technology, 22(1), 39-45.
Ayodele A.L., Oke I.A. and O.A. Agbede (2014): Effect of Selected Factors on the Current flow and Voltage Loss at Electrodes during Electrochemical Treatment of a Laterite. Ife Journal of Science, 16(3): 481-494.
Oke I.A. and Ayodele A.L. (2014): Statistical Evaluation of Selected Methods in Foundation Engineering. Ife Journal of Science, 16(3): 517-525.
Oke I.A. and Ayodele A.L. (2015): Engineering and Environmental Analysis of Sludge from Electrochemical Treatment of Selected Waste-waters. Journal of Environmental Design and Management, 7(1): 52-65.
Ayodele A. L., Anifalaje O. and Bakare O.M. (2016): Effects of some factors on electro-osmotic dewatering of laterite. Ife Journal of Science, 18(1): 019-028.
Ayodele A.L. and Falade F.A. (2016): “Some geotechnical properties of selected sub-base materials for road construction”. International Journal of Civil Engineering Research. 8(8): 31-39.
Ayodele A. L., Adebisi A. O. and Kareem M. A. (2016): Use of Sludge Ash in Stabilising Two Tropical Laterite. International Journal of Scientific Engineering Research. 7(8): 104-108.
Ayodele A.L., Ayodele K.P., Isola B., Inyang I. (2016): Achieving Highly Effective Personalised Learning through Learning Objects. African Journal of Engineering Education 1(1): 78-90.
Ayodele A.L., Aluko O.D. and Joseph A.A. (2017): Soaked and Unsoaked California Bearing Ratio of Soils Reinforced with Geolon Tencate. Journal of EDM Pages 247-253